Basic Information

  1. What is the Agency all about?

    The Agency from its name is aimed at Empowering Youths to make them be SELF dependent and reliants.

    Indeed the objective of the Agency is to reduce unemployment to its barest minimum.

  2. How can one become a member of the Agency ?

    To become a member one only need to go to the Facebook page of the Agency and request to join.

    Or in the alternative, an old member may ADD his friends into the Agency by simply clicking below the Membership column ADD FRIENDS to GROUP.

    All new members must be approved by one member of the Administrators.

  3. Does one need any special qualification to become a member?

    The only qualification needed is to show interest in Youth Empowerment either as an unemployed Youth or as a person interested in Empowering others.

  4. What does a member need to do when Added?

    Once a new menber has been added, he or she must make the next move to complete the ADDING.
    To do this requires that the new entran should INBOX his or her details to the CENTRA DATA SYSTEM.
    This could be done by sending a TEXT MESSAGE direct to the system number which is +2347088601877 or submit the details to any Administrator that requires such to be sent to him or her.

  5. What details should a NEW member submit ?

    The NEW member is expected to submit name of his or her State of Origin (and or State of Residence if they are not the same), and the name of his or her Local government Area. Then he or she shall also submit his or her e-mail address and his or her mobile phone number

  6. What is the purpose of submitting these details since it is a Social Network affair?

    True this is or started as a Social Network affair, but our pattern of Empowerment deals with human persons and since we plan it for the whole of Nigeria, we want to know who is where so that we can spread what project we have to take care of all members.
    Also we need the phone and e-mail address so that we can reach members at shor notice through their handset than waiting for them to jump on the Internet.

  7. How does a new member get attached to a State?

    Every new member is expected to submit his or her details to include

    1. The State of Origin and of Residency is they are different.

    2. The LGA of origin.

    3. The e-mail address.

    4. The mobile phone number.

    With this details a member is assigned to a proximate State or of origin where he or she begins to meet with the other members as may be decided by the State Officers.

    The first addition is done on the State NYEA Forum on the web where the interaction and discussions are done.

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  1. How are NYEA projects for the selected?

    The State Coordinators are given the mandate to review what projects they think are viable in their state and that will be relevant to their circumstances. They make the suggestions to their Zonal Coordinators who reviews it with them and then forwards the selected projects to the National Management.

  2. How are NYEA Projects funded?

    NYEA is a private limited liability company partnering with the Federal govenment and other state governments in the ultilisation of human resources.

    NYEA is funded by its founders with partnership subvention from the federal and state governments.

    The projects are owned and supervised by the management of NYEA and the funding is principally provided by them.

    What happens is that they are in liasion with the governments at all level as their activities centre on providing a meaningful employment to the youths and make them a tool in the economic development of the nation,

    The set up is that The SC select their projects, and submit to management, who in turn liase with their partners and provide the relevant work materials which are supervised by the SC and controlled by their ZC who must approve all expenditures and any use of fund.

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  1. Who are the Officers of NYEA?

    NYEA is managed by a management board headed by the Director General who is the Founder and Promoter of NYEA, assisted by other Directors drawn up to reflect the National Character who also are stake holders in NYEA as they are the major financiers of NYEA.

    Below these are the Zonal Officers who are placed to supervise a group of states merged together for administrative convenience. These are incharge of the State Coordinators and monitor their activities and coordinate and hold them into manageable units.

    Below these are the State Officers comprising of State Coordinators and their Deputies and the Local Field Officers who carry out the activities of NYEA into the hinterlands and the grassroot levels.

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